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Get gutters that can handle any amount of rain! RainPro is an exceptional gutter guard system that provides the rain management of a six-inch gutter but the appearance of a five-inch gutter. Created to boost water flow, RainPro is the only system you need in rainwater management. If you do not have gutters, rain can do tremendous damage to your roof, landscaping, even your foundation. Don’t let expensive damage happen to your house, with RainPro gutters your house will stay safe from even excessive amounts of rain.


Rain Gutters for Charlotte, Concord and the Surrounding Area
Our professional installers roll form your RainPro system on site for a flawless fit to your home. And our extraordinary hanger system provides extra durability and support to your gutter system. Our gutters come in a wide selection of colors to choose from so you can find the perfect gutters to match your home’s style. All of our gutters come with a ScratchGuard paint finish that will never crack, scratch or peel.


If you’re looking for exceptional seamless gutters, then look no further than the professionals at RainPro of Charlotte. We proudly serve Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia and Rock Hill. Contact RainPro today to learn more about out gutter system or to schedule your free, in-home consultation.

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Good HousekeepingThe RainPro gutter system has been tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, and carries the Good Housekeeping Seal and warranty. Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that not only do we believe in our product, so does Good Housekeeping.

They have backed up this confidence in RainPro with a two-year limited warranty which states:
If a product bearing the Seal proves to be defective within two years of purchase, Good Housekeeping will replace the product or refund the purchase price.

testimonial background Customer Reviews and Testimonials

"My wife and I were hesitant to spend money on new gutters but once we realized how much damage we were getting from our leaky gutters, we knew we had to get RainPro. I am very happy with the product and the installation. The guys were quick and efficient. "

- Mark M., Charlotte, NC

"I found about RainPro when I saw one of their ads in the paper and didn’t think much of it. Then we had a huge gutter issue the next day and I remembered how good the gutters on the ad looked. I called them that day and we had new gutters in no time. I’m very happy with them, especially how they look."

- Jerry T., Indian Trail, NC

"Choosing RainPro is the best decision I’ve made in a while. They do a really good job and they look really good on my house. Every time I look at them I am reminded of how they protect my home from water damage and look really good while doing so."

- Gary L., Matthews, NC

"If you’re thinking about getting RainPro, you definitely should. They work really well and the crew that installed them were very knowledgeable. They didn’t leave a mess either, which I usually expect from home improvement companies. Very happy with my decision!"

- Brenda M., Charlotte, NC

"I was really interested in RainPro because they make the gutters right there at your house so it fits your home exactly. This is absolutely true. There aren’t any seams and it doesn’t leak at all. They look great on our house and we’re happy we chose RainPro."

- Allen S., Charlotte, NC

"RainPro is hands down the best looking gutter in our neighborhood! We have people asking us about them now, and we tell them to get RainPro, not any of the wanna-be’s out there. RainPro is the real deal, I would recommend them to anyone."

- Neal C., Stallings, NC

"Getting RainPro was really a simple decision once we found out how well they really work. The salesman answered all of our questions and made sure we were confident before they installed the gutters. They look great and have worked very well so far. "

- Barry L., Charlotte, NC

"If I could do it all over again, I would still pick RainPro. These gutters look really good and don’t have any issues. I used to get dripped on in my breezeway but now the gutters take care of that problem. They look good too, which my wife loves."

- Henry J., Newell, NC

"We were between RainPro and another gutter, and we chose RainPro because it has a better warranty and has a more unique design. We did our homework, and RainPro came out on top. Now we have them on our house and they are living up to their reputation."

- Diane S., Charlotte, NC

"RainPro really knows their stuff. These gutters look really good on our house but even better I can tell they’re doing a good job of keeping water running in the right direction, away from our house! I’m very impressed with how well they work.

- Patricia K., Charlotte, NC